Images & Credits

Many of the images that are part of featured articles in The Museum are ones that were taken by me or members of my family. If images are used that are not in either of those categories, proper permissions and citations will be given.

Now, here is the thing. I have disabled the right click so these images can not be downloaded or used without my permission. If you would like to obtain any of my photos, drop me a line and ask. We will see what we can do.

Also, many of these photos are taken inside museums or exhibits, some from actual battlefields. Quality is not always that great and it is in no way my intention for these photos or posts to take the place of actually visiting any of these locations or exhibits.  Many of these places will not exist if people stop going and honestly as much as I can talk about these images, seeing them on your own is the best way to experience them.

Thank you to the following museums, National Parks and institutions. In parenthesis under the name you will see the tag used in the posting to denote the location of the photo.

The National Civil War Naval Museum

The National Infantry Museum

Atlanta History Center

Colonial Williamsburg

Yorktown Visitor Center

Antietam National Battlefield

Gettysburg National Military Park

Cowpens National Battlefield

Kings Mountain National Military Park

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

William J. Hatfield Personal Collection

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum


 Air Zoo


 Niles History Center (Fort St. Joseph Museum)


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum


Illinois State Military Museum


Lincoln Tomb


Illinois War Memorials


Korean War National Museum


Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Museum


Lincoln Home National Historic Site


Manassas National Battlefield Park


DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum


Public Hospital of 1773


People, Places and Things from US Military History

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