Mission Parameters


History is the study of things that have already happened, they are the past. In the past it has been necessary for people and nations to take up arms and defend their beliefs. What we want to tell here is the story of those people using words and pictures to bring the past to you, here in the present.

Our Site

The Museum page is where the meat is. On that blog we will be featuring photos or pictures of different artifacts, people or places that have some sort of military significance. It is our hope that you check this site out regularly and learn something.

Our goal is to expand knowledge and tell stories. Initially we will be heavily focused on American Military History, but that will soon expand. We will also be looking towards accepting submissions and work towards build a community where we can all share and study together.


So why does anything I write have merit?

Hello. My Name is Stuart D Hatfield. This is my project and my site. For awhile I will be the sole contributor, but I know what you are thinking. Who wants to hear what an Armchair General has to say about any of this? You are right to question. Asking questions is good.

So here are my qualifications.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in History from Georgia College and State University.

That was followed up with a Master of Arts in Military History from American Military University.

I make you these promises about posts on this site.

Proper citations will be used as required.

I will inject my views and opinions as necessary, but they will not be the focus.

I have no issues admitting when I make a mistake. If you see a factual issue point it out, I will not be offended. However be prepared to back it up.

What you see now is a start. It will change and providence willing it will grow.

Now What?

Get started by visiting The Museum page. Read a post or two and see what you think. Until I have a good solid comment section running use the contact link to send me any of your thoughts or ideas.

This site is for you, it is for me, it is for all those that have come before and all those that will come later. Those are our Mission Parameters.

Dig in.

Stuart D. Hatfield


People, Places and Things from US Military History

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