Monday Poll Question: Which American Revolutionary War battle had the greatest impact?

Monday Poll!

Starting this week we are going to do a new poll feature. Every Monday we will put out a new question and collect responses all week. On Friday we’ll look at the results and see what you all think. Feel free to discuss the poll and results on the Facebook page!

The first question is, “Which American Revolutionary War battle had the greatest impact?”

Was it Cowpens and the loss of the British Light Infantry that caused Cornwallis to head north?

Was it Monmouth where the revitalized and newly train Continental Army fought the Red Coats to a draw?

Maybe Trenton where the American cause hung on the knife edge until a surprise victory restore hope?

Perhaps when the French defeated the British Navy off the Virginia Capes opening they way for the Siege of Yorktown?

Or the incredible American defeat at Long Island that nearly broke the cause before it truly got started?

Out of these listed, which do you think had the biggest impact?

Chose from the ones listed in the poll, even if the one you think should be there isn’t.  Heck, this may become a tournament at some point! Remember to respect other people’s opinions in the comments. Let’s see how this goes…



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