Wednesday Words & Phrases: Yo-Yo



What? No? Surely the kid’s toy does not have a military origin!

Sorry but anyone that has been hit in the head by an errant yo-yo toss knows how dangerous they can be.  The yo-o came to the US in 1928 brought by Filipino-American Pedro Flores. He based the toy on a traditional Filipino hunting and war weapon which shows up in their lore as the yo-yo, perhaps meaning come, come or return.

Hunters would use the rock tied to a string in a couple of ways to great effect. From a tree where the heavy stone was dropped on its unwary prey (man or beast) to crack their head. It could also be used on the ground and thrown at a target. Either way, the string meant it was usable more than just once.

What’s next? The Frisbee having a weaponized origin? The hula-hoop?

Stay tuned to find out…