Assam Draggins



Flying the inestimable P40 Thunderbolt, the 25th Fighter Squadron was formed at Hamilton Field California in January 1941. A year later in January of 1842 this unit became one of the first units deployed to fight the Japanese in the Pacific after the declaration of war.

After a stop in Melbourne Australia the unit continued to Karachi, India where it began its combat operations. In September it flew its first escort mission and eventually moved to Assam, India, where the unit picked up the name “Assam Draggins”.

Its primary mission was to disrupt that Japanese in Burma and in February 1943 it carried out its most important mission. With their P40s modified to carry 1,000 pond bombs they stood in for a B25 squadron and managed to  halt a major Japanese advance.

Over the course of World War 2 this unit saw more combat than any other fighter squadron and was finally deactivated in December 1945, only to be called back into service during the Korean conflict where it flew out of , ironically enough, its base in Japan.

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